Informative Interviews

In this interview on Bill Moyers Journal, Andrew Bacevich offers a complex diagnosis of the problems in American politics, foreign policy, and economics today.  From a basically conservative perspective, he contends that they are all linked to a desire to have no limits on our consumption and spending on both the personal and governmental levels.  I’ve been trying to get as many people as possible to watch this, to see if it makes as much sense to them as it does to me.  So far, everyone has been positive.  If you watch or read it, let me know what you think.

Another great interview from the same show features Michael Pollan, a professor at UC Berkeley.  He argues that government policies really hurt the quality of the food that we eat, and that food policy that encourages local consumption rather than massive amounts of corn and soy from agribusiness could help our national health as well.  I can’t really do Pollan’s ideas justice in a short summary, but I think that his focus on local food economies makes a lot of sense.  And, as he briefly mentions, our agribusiness-friendly food policies (farm subsidies) have terrible effects on the ability of farmers in the developing countries to make a living.

I know these are both from the same show.  I’ll try to diversify as I come across other resources.


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