My name is Scott Kistler.  I am a community college history instructor who is interested in how a historical perspective can aid us in our Christian lives by giving us insight into Scripture, our faith, and the world in which we live.

This blog might be bad and/or boring for a bit as I get used to blogging.  I hope that it won’t stay that way.

The title of the blog, Tempora Christiana, comes from a phrase that St. Augustine used to describe the time in history after Roman Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity.  For Augustine, this began “Christian Times.”  I thought that this had a nice ring to it, and to me it brought together the ideas of faith and history pretty well.  Of course, the conversion of Constantine also inaugurated Christianity’s partnership with political power that had some troubling implications … but maybe the “About” page isn’t the place to get into that.  I’ll probably post on it in the future.

Anyway, I hope to write some reflections as I read and teach.  Most of my posts will be on history.  Some will be on other subjects of interest to me, like human trafficking, church-state relations in America, and the Chicago Cubs.



  1. welcome to the blogosphere!!! look forward to your thoughts…have always valued your opinion and perspective on things my friend.

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