Carl Trueman on personhood and taste

Trueman recently asked a good question and provided a provocative answer:

When is a person not a person and yet still a person at the same time?

Let me put the question another way.  If sexual ethics is increasingly built on the sole foundation of consent between the parties, should child sexual abuse be legalized and even encouraged?  If, as Ivy League ethicist Peter Singer has argued (with increasing acceptance, so it seems), newborn babies are not persons and can be killed without such an act being considered murder, then could the same child be sexually abused with impunity?  And if not, why not?…

This question exposes the real nature of contemporary ethics.  It is not that we now randomly make up our morality as we go along.  On the contrary, there is a definite logic to contemporary secular ethical thought: it offers philosophical rationales after the fact, and thus a veneer of specious moral integrity, for judgments that are at heart aesthetic and built on little more than convenience and fashion.


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