How Tolkien thought about war

Jake Meador, who recently wrote on Tolkien’s politics, returned to the subject to discuss his views on violence.


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  1. It’s interesting how Martin’s critiques of Tolkien’s style have reactively shaped his own style. At the same time, other than validly saying that power corrupts and ruling is hard (and not simply a matter of good intentions or the right person in the right job at the right time), I don’t see Martin as having much of a useful moral point. If anything, his point is moral ambiguity.

    Granted, my only exposure to Martin was some episodes of the first season of the Game of Thrones, but he almost seems nihilistic. He compellingly tells of failure and problems without solutions. But maybe he gets better.

    btw, your link for Tolkien and Violence is slightly broken — it’s missing the prefix “http://” which makes it an absolute link.

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