Euthanasia in Belgium

John Stonestreet’s Breakpoint commentary from September 18 discussed euthanasia. One of the links was to an article by Peter Saunders, CEO of the Christian Medical Fellowship in Britain, about Belgium’s leading role the use of the organs of euthanized people.  Saunders wonders: “Given that one third of euthanasia cases in Belgium are already involuntary I wonder if any patients have yet had their organs harvested without their consent because someone had ‘greater need’ of them?”

The link in that quote led me to another of Saunders’ posts (here), where he show the plausibility of this concern:

In a previous post, ‘Twenty things Terry Pratchett did not tell us about euthanasia in Europe’, I also drew attention (with links) to the following facts:

1. Almost half of Belgium’s euthanasia nurses have admitted to killing without consent, despite the fact that involuntary euthanasia is illegal in Belgium and that nurses are not allowed to perform even voluntary euthanasia.

2. In Belgium, nearly half of all cases of euthanasia are not reported to the Federal Control and Evaluation Committee. Legal requirements were more frequently not met in unreported cases than in reported cases and a written request for euthanasia was absent in 88%.

3. A recent study found that in the Flemish part of Belgium, 66 of 208 cases of ‘euthanasia’ (32%) occurred in the absence of request or consent.



  1. Involuntary euthanasia- a high class word for murder.   Aaron Clark 815-325-6839   I hope to see the world through the eyes of He who created it.


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