Wright on Romans, Part I

Paul for Everyone Romans: Part One Chapters 1-8Paul for Everyone Romans: Part One Chapters 1-8 by N.T. Wright

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Since we are going through Romans at our Bible study at church, I wanted to interact with Wright’s interpretations. The commentary is written at the popular level, but it’s not at all shallow. Wright continually draws the reader’s attention to the big picture of both Romans as a whole and of God’s redemptive plan, pointing back to creation, the covenant with Abraham, and His purposes for Israel. His setting of the pieces of Romans in their context makes for an exhilarating read.

I could see why some are confused about Wright’s view of justification, since it wasn’t entirely clear to me, either. It’s clear that he believes in justification by faith, though, and I wonder if part of the reason that it’s not as clear is that he doesn’t make individual justification the centerpiece of his interpretation. Instead, he focuses on the big picture of God’s redemption of His people and of creation as well as the new life that we are to live in Christ.

One final thing: Wright doesn’t capitalize Father, Son, or Holy Spirit when referring to the persons of the Trinity. I had never seen that before: is it a British thing?

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  1. I will do a brief post on the second volume, which covers Romans 9-16, but I probably won’t do much of a series. Sorry!

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