Receivers who give

Peter Leithart recently noted that the Hebrew word natan (“give”) is used many times in many ways in the Old Testament. He concludes hist short post with this observation:

The Bible presents us with a world teeming with benefactors.  Everywhere we turn there are things offering gifts.  The lamp says, “Here, I give light. Take it.”  The flowers say, “I’ve got a fragrance to give to you.”  The piano says, “I’ve got 88 keys to give you pleasing sounds.”  The forest gives smells and sights and muffled sounds, the birds give their songs, the earth gives grain and wine and trees.  Human civilization is full of things that give.  All there are ultimately gifts from God, but the picture is not of God giving through empty pipelines that simply carry the gift to us.  Rather, the Lord’s gift is the gift of gifting. The Giver makes us givers.  There are secondary givers, given the ability to give and the gifts they gift from the supreme Giver.


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