Against the international abortion rights lobby

A Breakpoint commentary from last year by the late Chuck Colson noted a disconcerting development and an effort to fight it:

There is, as we can see, a culture of death at work in the U.N. and other groups. Their representatives use false claims about abortion to push developing nations into changing their pro-life laws. And they’re not above blackmail, demanding that countries comply or lose development aid. Currently nearly one hundred pro-life countries have been told that treaties demand that they permit abortion.

In order to give these nations the ability to fight back, an international group of “human rights lawyers and advocates, scholars, elected officials, diplomats, and medical and international policy experts” released the San José Articles. Among the signers is my colleague and Manhattan Declaration co-author Robert George.

The Articles begin, “As a matter scientific fact a new human life begins at conception.” It then follows, “From conception each unborn child is by nature a human being.”

You can see the San José  Articles here. I don’t know how much impact they will have, but the goal is to have a document signed by experts that’s available for citation in these kinds of disputes, as well as for other purposes.


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