The Forgotten Heavens

The Forgotten Heavens: Six Essays on CosmologyThe Forgotten Heavens: Six Essays on Cosmology by Douglas Wilson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Doug Wilson and others turned their presentations at a conference into a short book that tries to explain the universe as the Bible depicts it. There are chapters on celestial beings (cherubim, seraphim, orphanim, and living ones from Ezekiel and Revelation), “the governing princes” (principalities), divination and witchcraft, and other things that don’t fit into a naturalistic worldview.

The best chapter, in my view, was Doug Wilson’s called “The Heavens, Hades, & Man Between,” which described the heavens populated with the heavenly host (stars, which aren’t only flaming gas), Sheol (corresponding to the Greek concept of Hades, where the dead dwell), Hell (Gehenna), and the New Jerusalem. The rest of the book was a bit uneven in that rest of the chapters were not as substantial as I would have liked.

The overall theme is that the world as seen by the biblical writers is quite different from a naturalistic view, and that the Bible should be understood in these terms rather than translated to smooth out these difficulties.

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