A Syrian partition?

Michael Young writes that the Syrian regime may be trying to prepare for the worst and defeat the uprising at the same time:

These parallel objectives—preparing for an Alawite mini-state and ruling over Syria as a whole—have come together in the Homs plain and along the corridor northeast, between Homs and Aleppo. In order for Assad to subjugate Syria, he can afford little to lose control over that passage. At the same time, if the Alawites hope to make safe an eventual statelet, they cannot allow Homs to be controlled by their foes. That explains what we are seeing today, as the Syrian army prepares to recapture Homs from the opposition.

He links to this interview with a former Syrian vice president, confirming this strategy.

HT: Michael Totten


One comment

  1. It appears The West is trying to create a pretext for depriving the Syrian regime of access to the Mediterranean. A “humanitarian corridor controlled by the UN and NATO stretching from Homs to Aleppo would serve The West’s greater geopolitical agenda well

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