Online Christian resources allowed in China

Desiring God posted an article from World magazine on this topic. It begins:

China’s Christian surge is likely to continue in 2012, with teaching via the internet contributing to it. Type “democracy” or “Tiananmen Square” into, the popular search engine in China, and a message will pop up informing you that you cannot access the page. But type “Christianity” into the same search engine, and you’ll be flooded with links to church websites, personal blogs, and sites about Christianity from inside and outside the country.



  1. It looks like Baidu indexes those terms in English and Chinese and its results are accessible, at least from our side (I haven’t tried a proxy in China). However, “Tiananmen Square Massacre” is much more enlightening with only 3 results — 2 of them being titled “Tiananmen massacre a myth”. But this makes me think that they do not select results based upon the requesting address, so the article is probably incorrect.

    I think “Christianity” is likewise too abstract to block outright and pointless if it doesn’t pose a threat to their power. But I wonder if there aren’t more complex filters in place that involve particular Christians.

    It’s fascinating how the benefits of liberty are so valuable and attractive that China cannot reasonably block the internet outright, and incremental restrictions incrementally reduces the value.

    Because of that, censorship seems like a losing battle in the long run. Even today, there are methods for bypassing the Great Firewall of China involving proxies, encryption, and anonymity and obfuscation techniques like onion routing and steganography.

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