Finding our gifts together

Peter Leithart notes Brian Brock’s argument that God doesn’t assemble experts to make the body of Christ, but rather bestows them in the community of believers:

Paul’s conception also differs because he emphasizes the delight that members of the body should take in their own weakness, weakness that allows other members to exercise gifts in service to them.

This means that leadership in the body is “precisely not to assemble an all-star cast from those who have proved to have skills valuable in the secular world, or who possess naturally authoritative qualities.”  Rather, gifts are discerned in “prayerful seeking after the work of the Spirit who raises up those who will learn properly to render the service of authority.”



  1. I love this! I believe finding the skilled rather than the committed is backwards. I’d rather work with someone who is committed that can be taught a skill than someone who has lots of skills but is not committed. Commitment usually comes harder than skills.

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