The political rhetoric about abortion: a cause for optimism?

A friend shared an article about the amendment cutting off all funding for Planned Parenthood. Note the language that National Organization for Women president Terry O’Neill uses but politicians won’t:

“One in three women will have an abortion in their lifetime. So, in fact, abortion is an essential, ordinary part of women’s reproductive health care needs,” she said. “The fact is, you know, birth control is not perfect. Women do have jarring health conditions. Think about a woman who has breast cancer, or she has a heart condition, and she becomes pregnant unintentionally and she needs to terminate that pregnancy. It’s just a normal part of health care. But most of the time, what we hear about abortion, and I’m sorry to say this is true, even our dearest friends, who are elected officials, the way they often talk about abortion is as if it is always, always some kind of dreadful tragedy. It’s health care, and sometimes health care is tragic and sometimes health care is relieving. Sometimes it’s a cure. Sometimes it’s just the best you can do in a bad situation. Sometimes it’s liberating. Sometimes it’s sad, and a loss. You don’t know, because every individual woman has her health care issues individually.”

Of course, I was repulsed by the equation of abortion with “health care,” but I think that it’s a good sign that pro-choice politicians won’t say this in public.

In this same vein, Trevin Wax listed 10 reasons for optimism (hat tip: Justin Taylor), and former president of Catholics for Choice Frances Kissling (hat tip: Breakpoint) sounded the alarm that her side is losing the debate in the Washington Post.

What do you think?


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