Reflecting the Trinity in our Christian lives

On Google Reader, Joel shared this short post by Mark Horne.  It’s just two paragraphs, so here’s the whole thing:

The image God has given us in the Trinity is an image of three Persons giving themselves to one another in eternal communion. Is there any wonder that the redemption offered to the human race by our Creator in the Lord Jesus Christ has to necessarily produce a lifestyle which would indicate redeemed relationships as the reality of salvation? All of the philosophical speculations, positions, and debates in the world cannot argue against a society of God’s people who in their corporate life demonstrate the reality of the god whom they worship.

Our individualistic theologies have substituted personal and private holiness for true inter-personal holiness among God’s people, and by implication, all other levels of creation. In his command to love one another, Jesus calls us to redress this misunderstanding. May we, under God, trust the Holy Spirit to quiet our disunity, remake our mindsets, and heal our relationships.

It’s a quote from a short article by L.T. Jeyachandran of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries.


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