The meaning of the West Bank

Israeli scholar Yaacov Lozowick compares his ideas about the West Bank and the peace process with those of peace activist Dror Etkes.  It’s an interesting, short post, and ends with this conclusion:

Finally, a point we didn’t discuss, and may or may not agree on: It is the Biblical heartland, the West Bank is. I’ve been advocating an Israeli departure from it since the 1970s – a long time ago. Yet it’s the place we come from. You wander its hills and read the Bible, and each hill is in there; each story is on one of them. We’ve been reading the stories and commenting about them, uninterrupted, since before the Athenians quarreled with the Spartans, a thousand years before the Roman Empire, two thousand years before the major cities of Europe began growing out of unimportant villages. They’re not as dramatically beautiful as Norway or Montana, but if you’ve been participating in the Jewish discussion for the past few thousand years, they’re home. You can’t roam them and remain unmoved.


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