Hamas’ rule in Gaza

In January, I posted about Fawaz Gerges’ argument that Hamas could be a partner in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.  A Jerusalem Post editorial takes a very different point of view, arguing that Hamas has instituted an “official free-for-all declared against anyone even remotely suspected of collaboration with Israel,” allows for summary executions, and is enforcing Islamic law in areas like women’s dress and gender separation.  The Post, frustrated with the lack of international criticism of Hamas, concludes

Both foreign governments and NGOs, in their inaction, are signaling to Hamas that domestic oppression by its tyrannical regime is tolerable so far as the international community is concerned.

The international community cannot seriously expect such a regime to be a reliable interlocutor with which Israel can indeed negotiate coexistence deals in good faith.
Look what it’s doing to its own people.

Hat tip: Michael Totten


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