Why I can’t help but like George W. Bush

I don’t think that Bush was a very good president, but I often thought that he was someone that I would really like to have as a next-door neighbor.  I think that in some ways that helped him connect so powerfully with a lot of people after 9/11: he seemed like a normal guy who reacted like normal guy would.  I think that he didn’t govern particularly well, although I wish that I had been more gracious in some of my criticism during his time in office.  He was certainly president in a very challenging time, and I think that our current and future leaders will struggle to deal with really tough foreign policy and economic problems in a rapidly changing post-Cold War world.

I saw a Christianity Today politics blog post that had some of Bush’s post-presidency thoughts.  Here was a section that reminded of something that I really did and do like about Bush:

Bush talked openly about practicing his Christianity in office, including sharing his faith with the Russian and Chinese heads of state.He said he told the Chinese president that Christianity is good for China. “Wouldn’t you like to have a people whose first obligation is to love?” he recalled telling the Chinese leader.



  1. You know in the east, they measure you by your words and action. So if the Chinese president were to think that Christian love looks like the love of GWB, then he did Christians in China a dis-service.

  2. There is hypocrisy everywhere, and the Chinese government is especially adept at talking one way and doing something else. Bush’s point stands. All one has to do is look at the concept of charity to see that the influence of Christianity on the west has profound implications.

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