1 Clement on living as the body of Christ

1 Clement 38:1-4:

So in our case let the whole body be saved in Christ Jesus, and let each of us be mutually subject to our neighbor, in proportion to each one’s spiritual gift.  The strong must not neglect the weak, and the weak must respect the strong.  Let the rich support the poor; and let the poor give thanks to God, because he has given him someone through whom his needs may be met.  Let the wise display wisdom not in words but in good works.  The humble person should not testify to his own humility, but leave it to someone else to testify about him.  Let the one who is physically pure remain so and not boast, recognizing that it is someone else who grants this self-control.  Let us acknowledge, brothers, from what matter we were made; who and what we were, when we came into the world; from what grave and what darkness the one who made and created us brought us into this world, having prepared his benefits for us before we were born.  Seeing, therefore, that we have all these things from him, we ought in every respect to give thanks to him, to whom be the glory for ever and ever.  Amen.

Source: Michael Holmes, The Apostolic Fathers in English


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