Four Reformed views of Christ and culture

Kevin DeYoung links to an article by Ray Pennings about how four different Reformed camps think about the ancient question of Christian engagement in culture.  It’s short but interesting.  I’m a little surprised by the names that Pennings gives to the camps, but it looks like he explains them in a print-edition only article of December 2008 issue of Comment magazine.

Matt Harmon summarizes the views of the camps that Pennings delineates:

(1) neo-calvinism, which focuses on the comprehensive claims of the gospel; (2) two kingdom approach, which stresses the distinctiveness of the church from the culture; (3) neo-puritans, who emphasize the sovereignty of God and the role of the individual in seeking the good of the city; (4) old-calvinism, which contends that cultural engagement inevitably leads to worldliness.

Check out the whole article if this is a topic that interests you.


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