No one celebrates Calvin quite like Doug Wilson

Desiring God is began a 9-part celebration of John Calvin’s life today, his 500th birthday.    I’m looking forward to getting a brief review of his life as they proceed.

But I got a kick out of Doug Wilson’s post, too.  I haven’t yet seen Collision where he debates Christopher Hitchens, but my occasional reading of his blog makes me think that he’s perhaps the perfect Christian foil for Hitchens.  Like Hitchens, he combines a lot of cultural knowledge, the ability to attack opposing arguments with the ferocity of heavy artillery or the precision of a fencer’s sword, and a mischievous sense of humor.

Anyway, back to his celebration of Calvin.  After a sincere statement of thanks to God for Calvin’s life, he writes:

So those of you who were thinking ahead last week saved some of your best fireworks for this evening’s celebration, and you still have time to get some really fine chocolates to give to all the kids this evening. And for our Christian brethren who are not of our persuasion, if you are looking at the festive merrymaking of your Calvinist friends with a spiritual grimace of some kind, you may console yourelf with this. It had to happen.


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