More on Chinese Christianity

There was a Desiring God post that I missed from March that provided an overview of developments in Chinese Christianity and linked to a couple of interesting resources.  Seth Magnuson writes this summary followed by an eye-opening statement about mission-minded Chinese Christians:

The overall atmosphere for our brothers and sisters in China still varies from day to day and region to region. While some believers face resistance, others are finding more freedom and opportunities to worship.

While many challenges still exist for Christians in China, God is growing his church and bringing about a major missionary movement through it. The Chinese church is poised to play a significant role in future missionary endeavors. Some of China’s Christian leaders have a vision to carry the gospel “Back to Jerusalem” through some of the most gospel-resistant lands which lie between China and Israel.

One of the resources was a Chicago Tribune slide show of pictures accompanied by singing in a worship service and audio commentary by reporter Evan Osnos.  He states that underground churches are deciding to come to the fore.  Osnos wrote a story about Chinese Christianity for the Tribune last summer.  The slide show is only about three minutes long and worth a look to see and hear our Chinese brothers and sisters in Christ.

Hat tip: Bill Walsh


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