Pro-life groups making their voices heard

Poltico has a nice story on pro-life activity during the Obama administration.

Two statements from former Southern Baptist leader Frank S. Page sum up my concerns and hopes pretty well:

“President Obama is losing favor with many who might have supported him at first but have become very disturbed with his actions on pro-life issues,” said the Rev. Frank S. Page, a member of the president’s Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships and immediate past president of the Southern Baptist Convention. “Some of us have been disturbed with the rapid pace he has moved to dismantle some of the few protections that remain for the unborn.

“The verbalization that he wishes to find common ground – we are just not seeing that,” Page said.

And secondly (only an indirect quote):

Despite his criticism, Page, the former Southern Baptist Convention president, said the White House remains open to listening. He pressed aides last week about the conscience regulation, and “felt a slight bit of encouragement” that doctors who do not believe in abortions will be protected, Page said.

Give me your perspectives on the state of the pro-life movement in the comments section if you want to.  I’ve been thinking about my own ideas for Christian engagement that I hope to post on the blog.


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