The End of Empires, A Similar Perspective

Tying together the economic crisis, imperial presidency, fiscal insanity in our government, and far-flung military commitments, Andrew Bacevich makes a compelling case that our system is worn out.  If you’ve talked with me at any point since late September, I’ve probably mentioned something about this interview to you.  Check it out and see if you found it as perceptive as I did.  The added bonus is that if I bother you about watching it, you’ll be able to hush me up.

A true story to echo his dismissal of the modern Congress as an independent institution: A friend of my mom’s knows Steve Sauerberg, who ran for the Senate against Dick Durbin in Illinois in 2008.  When Sauerberg asked a current Senator about the position, he was told that if he won he should expect a 6-year vacation because Senators don’t do anything.


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