A Good Resource on the Emerging Church

Scot McKnight is a professor at North Park University in Chicago who is part of the Emerging movement.  In the Russell Moore interview that I referred to in my earlier post, he was referred to as a “moderate” in the movement.  He wrote this Christianity Today article to provide a guide to the currents in the movement.  He provides a good distinction between the terms Emerging and Emergent:

Emerging is the wider, informal, global, ecclesial (church-centered) focus of the movement, while Emergent is an official organization in the U.S. and the U.K. Emergent Village, the organization, is directed by Tony Jones, a Ph.D. student at Princeton Theological Seminary and a world traveler on behalf of all things both Emergent and emerging.

I referred to the Emerging church in my post yesterday as I knew more about the general movement than the specific Emergent branch.

McKnight’s article is definitely worth a read for those who want to learn more about this movement, and he discusses the criticisms of Emerging ideas as well.



  1. The reason this movement did so well was because it thrived in a vacuum of no information.

    No longer. With books such as “WHY WE’RE NOT EMERGENT” by DeYoung and Kluck, the Christian church is getting armed and ready to take the battle to the streets.

    Going after the “experience” gospel seems a great idea when you’re young…but gets old really fast without any solid foundation. This movement in the long term, is doomed to die of spiritual starvation.



  2. Thanks for the comment. It sounded like the “Why We’re Not Emergent” authors had some thoughtful criticisms; I hope to check out the book at some point.

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